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Ahad, 4 Julai 2010

UTM Research University

Kuala Lumpur, June 10th: UTM was announced as a Research University by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak in parliament when he presented the 10th Malaysia Plan on June 10th, 2010.

In an interview with the UTM Vice Chancellor Prof. Dato Dr. Zaini Ujang, he expressed his utmost gratitude to the government on behalf of all the staff and students of UTM for the trust and recognition given to UTM as the new Research University in Malaysia in addition to the current four.

“This well deserved attainment is a timely acknowledgement of UTM’s effort and achievement as it undergoes a dynamic transformation process these past few years towards becoming an innovation-led Research University. The strategic action undertaken by the university is in tandem with Malaysia’s aspiration towards becoming a knowledge-based, innovation-led economy grounded in creativity and innovation with high value creation” said Zaini.

Zaini further highlighted that the transformation of UTM is based on organisational strategy, structure and culture, three vital elements crucial to the success of any organization. Through a comprehensive and integrated Strategic Plan, UTM functions and operates on a KPI-based management system with clear goals and targets set to achieve its strategic objectives.

Furthermore, through the transformation of its organisational structure in relation to teaching and research activities, UTM stays focused in creating a vibrant academic culture and fertile intellectual ecosystem that inspire creativity and innovation. At the same time, a stimulating research culture exists in UTM through the creation of 11Research Alliances in strategic disciplines in an effort to make publication more dynamic.

UTM is also actively engaged in research collaboration with renowned institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, Imperial College of London, University of Cambridge, Tokyo University and Meiji University on areas of mutual interests. To facilitate further engagement and networking in academic and research undertakings, international satellite offices have been established in Tokyo, and already in the pipeline are plans to establish satellite offices in Doha (Qatar), Madinah (Saudi Arabia), and in Boston (USA).

Zaini also highlights that UTM views innovation as central to its core value, with the innovation culture permeated across all dimensions of the university including teaching and learning, research and development, writing and publication, management and administration, staff and student development, consultancy and professional services, not to mention university social responsibility. Innovation is expedited by the university community through concerted effort and strong team spirit with shared mission and purpose.

It is worth noting that UTM has the highest number of postgraduate students in engineering and technology, which is one of the important components in contributing towards the development of an innovation-led economy.

UTM is also the three-time winner for the National Intellectual Property Award. This is viewed as necessary in response to the global challenge which requires universities to leapfrog in terms of innovation and high value creation to remain relevant and competitive.

In tandem with this, UTM has embarked on commercialisation efforts through branding and marketing of its expertise, research products and services by reengineering the UTM business wing into the UTM Holdings since June 1 this year. The UTM Innovation Centres have also been established in its main campus in Johor Bahru and International Campus in Kuala Lumpur as well as the future UTM Innovative Centre for Agritechnology for Bioprocessing in Pagoh.

At the same time, UTM’s continuous effort in global outreach and strategic alliances with established and renowned universities abroad has enhanced its visibility and reputation among peers in the region and also at international level.

Ps: Saya mengharapakan mahasiswa-mahasiswa di UTM mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengembangkan segala minat dan kemahiran anda setelah kita mendapat research universiti.(^^)

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